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Olive Branch
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Olive Branch
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Palairos 2024
Palairos, Greece
May 22 - May 29

Along the shores of the Ionian Sea, the clear blue waters meet the sun-baked streets of Palairos, Greece. This is the land of the ancient gods. Where history and the stars met to create meaning. Greece is home to one of the world’s earliest documented civilizations. People who read the stars. Those same stars that aligned perfectly and uniquely to create each of us. 

It is in this fabled seaside town that we will come together for a fun and relaxing retreat. We’ll practice yoga (hatha, vinyasa and yin) and study astrology: the night skies, the full Centaur moon and our own personal cosmic blueprints.

We’ll create art under the guidance of visual artist, astrologer and educator Mariola Rosario and we’ll learn local culinary traditions from our incredible hosts at Foodpath.

Palairos, Greece is a sublime setting for our upcoming mystic yoga and astrology retreat: "Story of the Skies: Astrology + Yoga under the Flower Moon." The tranquil town is the ideal place to get to know a more intimate side of Greece, far from the hustle and bustle and crowds of major island destinations. 

It is at this esoteric retreat in Palairos, where the natural world flows in reciprocity with local life and teaches us to follow its lead, that we will expand our minds and hearts together in community. We will eat healthy, locally sourced meals, move our bodies in conscious ritual and communicate with our subconscious needs and wants. 

We will meet and integrate our shadow, and we will witness each other with compassion as we journey together into the depths of our being. At night, we will gather under the light of the full moon and then fall asleep listening to the wind, fresh with the sea’s fragrance, as it swirls through the cobblestone streets, bringing the song of sirens into our sleep.

Join Megan Frye and Mariola Rosario under Gemini skies to experience true transformation and gain the wisdom of astrology. 

This is an initiation. This is a gentle invitation into empowerment and personal sovereignty. You are hereby invited to chart the course for the rest of your life right here with us. 

Guests will have the opportunity to book an individual astrology, hypnosis or energy session with Megan, and an astrology session with Mariola at a special discounted rate. 

What is included:


  • Daily meditation 

  • 1-2 yoga classes every day (vinyasa, hatha and yin)

  • Two meals per day delicious local vegetarian food and snacks (with fresh coffee, housemade tea, light snacks and fresh juice throughout the day) Vegan options available

  • Traditional Greek cooking class led by local chefs

  • Group hypnotherapy sessions and subconscious/deep mind workshops with Megan

  • Astrology and sky gazing workshops with Mariola 

  • Visual art and ritual building workshops with Mariola 

  • Energy work 

  • Wild swimming in the Ionian Sea

  • 7 nights accommodation in a divine natural setting, overlooking the mountains and the ocean

  • Fireside chats

  • May full moon ritual

  • Moon bathing

  • A community of like-minded individuals

  • Option for 1:1 sessions with Megan and Mariola

  • Optional activities such as a boat trip and hiking

A simulated view of Mars as it would be
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Available at separate, discounted price:  

• Individual astrology or hypnotherapy sessions with Megan

and astrology sessions with Mariola 

Let’s just say it will be complete. And transformative.

Olive Branch

The Accommodation


We have a variety of accommodations available at the Foodpath guesthouse, a locally owned business. You may choose from an individual to shared rooms for two or three people here in this historic seaside village. This communal house is warm and comfortable, with the yoga shala and kitchen both on site, as well as common areas. The house is located in the town Palairos and is in walking distance of the beach and local shops and restaurants. 

To arrive:

Aktion International Airport PVK airport is located about 25 minutes from the retreat location by taxi. Athens International Airport (ATH) is about 4 hours away by taxi or bus. We will invite you to share your contact with the group before the retreat so you can arrange ride shares together, if you’d like. 

Check in is at 3 pm on May 22 and Check out is at 11 am on May 29.


The food:

Foodpath is well recognized for its harmonious and healing cuisine, strongly rooted in Greek culinary traditions and grown locally and with love. We’ll offer two delicious meals each day: Brunch and dinner. All meals are vegetarian with vegan options available. 

Meet your hosts:

Megan Frye is a writer, seeker, astrologer, yoga teacher and hypnotherapist who is currently under the influence of a major Pluto transit. She believes that an authentic and aligned community can be healing. She gives all of her trust over to the natural world, which still knows best. Originally from Michigan, she has lived in Mexico for more than 8 years. 


Mariola Rosario is an astrologer, educator, artist, researcher and flâneuse from Puerto Rico, currently living in Paris, France. In her practice, she melds astrology with visual arts and mythopoetic meanderings. She has always found herself somewhere between the teacher-student axis and would like to continue to find alternative and more compassionate routes towards inclusive pedagogy and revolutionary, modes of learning and co-creating spaces of magical and material mutual aid. 

What's unique about this retreat?


Holistic Soul Project offers a truly complete experience. We offer opportunities for profound transformation (physically, emotionally, mentally and spiritually), while also providing spaciousness for your own processing and time to yourself or to enjoy your retreat companions.

While meditation and yoga are included in the retreat and form a significant part of the daily structure, we feel that the additional offerings of astrology, hypnotherapy, art and culinary classes make our Greece retreat, and all of our retreats, truly next level.

Sample daily schedule:

Yoga retreats

Morning + afternoon:

7-8                      coffee, tea + fruit at leisure 

8-9:30                 meditation + yoga 

9:45-10:45          brunch 

10:45-16:00        spaciousness/free time (enjoy the beach or a hike!) 

16:00-17:30        workshop (astrology, hypnosis, art etc.)



18:00-19:30         sunset yoga + lunar ritual

19:30-20:30         dinner 

20:30 -22:30        communal fire, stargazing, dance party


*We offer one day free of activities for those who would like to explore the area.

There will be a morning yoga class on that day, as well as breakfast and dinner.


Limited spots available!
Reserve your space now and don’t miss out. We look forward to  sharing this incredible experience and place with you!

Book Palomino

May 22 - May 29 2024

Story of the Skies 
Astrology + Yoga under the Flower Moon



SHARED ROOM (4 guest / en-suite bathroom) 

€ 900 per person

SHARED ROOM (2 guest / en-suite bathroom) 

€ 1,200 per person


(for 1 person or couple / en-suite bathroom)
€ 1,600 per person

or € 1,200 per person if shared


(book before March 23 2024)

100 € discount


Non-refundable 300 € deposit. 

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