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cempasuchi flower
cempasuchi flower

Oaxaca 2021

Oct 23-30 & Nov 4-11

Join us for a relaxing energy-balancing detox yoga retreat in the mystical mountains of Oaxaca, Mexico.


We will spend time meditating, hiking in the mountains among waterfalls, learning about medicinal plants and how to prepare Oaxacan cuisine, and each guest gets a bodywork session with Larisa and a hypnotherapy or astrology session with Megan.


You will leave our retreat feeling recharged, relaxed and energized, and more connected to your dreams and in harmony with your being. 

Our retreat is open for all levels of yoga practitioners.

What is included:

  • Daily meditation 

  • Two yoga classes per day (vinyasa, hatha and yin) 

  • Three meals per day delicious Oaxacan vegetarian food (with organic and fresh coffee, housemade tea, filtered natural spring water and fresh juice throughout the day) 

  • A hypnotherapy, astrology or tarot session with Megan

  • Bodywork, massage and all sorts of tremendous therapies offered by Larisa (she’s a professional physiotherapist and osteopath, nutrition coach, power yoga extraordinaire, surfer, etc.). 

  • Mexican cooking classes (focused on vegetarian, vegan and pre-Hispanic nutrition)

  • Temazcal sweat lodge ceremony 

  • Waterfall hikes

  • Coffee tasting from coffee grown right at the retreat grounds

  • Native plant medicine workshop with the owners of the coffee farm

  • Swim in a pool fed by natural springs

  • 7 nights accommodation in a divine natural setting, with sturdy and comfortable canvas glamping tents, with comfy beds, linens and everything you could want (including hot showers, flush toilets and local, natural bathing products!)

  • Fireside chats

  • Lunar rituals

  • Ecstatic dance

  • Wifi in common areas (so it's available, but you can certainly tune out)

Guests will also have the opportunity to have a session with a professional local curanderx of Oaxaca’s legendary psychedelic mushrooms at a separate cost. 


Let’s just say it will be complete. And transformative.


We are monitoring the situation of Covid-19 as it affects Mexico and the rest of the world. We are happy to discuss the precautions we plan on taking in order ensure the safety of our guests, our hosts and ourselves. 


The Accommodation

cempasuchi flower

Glamping Finca Margaritas is an accommodation experience that combines all the comforts of a hotel with camping in the middle of the jungle. In addition, it includes activities that connect you with nature.


This glamping includes wi-fi, hot water, bathroom, very good food, a pool and is surrounded by vegetation and mountains.


It is located within a coffee farm founded in 1871, in the jungle of Pluma Hidalgo and at the foot of the Sierra Madre del Sur, in the state of Oaxaca, about 45 minutes from the Huatulco airport.


Its climate is tropical, so you will enjoy its pool a lot. It usually rains, but when the sky is clear, at night you will be surprised by observing a sky covered with stars, in which the Milky Way makes an appearance.


To arrive:

Hop on a flight to Huatulco (airport pickup included) or Puerto Escondido, or Oaxaca City and take the bus. Finca Margaritas is only about 75 minutes from the beautiful Pacific coast of Oaxaca, and about three hours south of Oaxaca City. We can help you find the perfect flights and bus schedules for your preferences. 

cempasuchi flower

The food:

Enjoy healthy and nourishing breakfast, lunch and dinner prepared with love and dedication by Adriana Ricárdez, co-owner of Finca Margaritas. Adriana's family has been cultivating coffee on this farm for more than five generations, and we are quite certain it will be the best coffee you've had yet!


We have requested a vegetarian menu, and vegan and gluten-free can be accommodated. Please reach out to let us know if you have any allergies or dietary restrictions or needs.

difference between the retreats holistic-soul-project-retreats

What's the difference between the two retreats? 

Both retreats are essentially the same, though with the October retreat (Release, Detox & Flow) we will be working with the energies of the waning moon which is about getting rid of anything that no longer has a place in our mind, body or soul.

The November retreat (Arise, Inspire & Flow) will focus on what we want to bring into existence in our lives and is associated with the abundance energies of the waxing moon.

Sample daily schedule:



7-8                        guided meditation 

8-9:30                   yoga 

9:30-10:30           breakfast 

10:30-12:30         spaciousness


12:30-14:00        individual sessions (massage, astrology reading,

                             physical adjustment, energetic adjustment, hypnotherapy) 

14:00-15:00.       lunch

15:00-16:30        spaciousness 

16:30-18:00        individual sessions or group activity

                             (i.e. cooking class, native plant class) 


18:00-19:30         sunset yoga 

19:30-20:30.        dinner 

20:30 -22:30        communal fire, stargazing, ecstatic dance

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India Ruiterman
Great Britain



The retreat was incredible healing, transformative and empowering. It was the perfect balance of yin and yang with amazing energising yoga in the morning and healing yoga with rituals in the evening. They were incredible. Also the balance between activities and free time was perfect. The food was outstanding. Loved Megan and Larissa so much!

Verified BookYogaRetreats reviews

Marion testimonial Holistic soul project.jpeg

Marion O.
visit her website here

The retreat Arise, Inspire & Flow in Pluma Hidalgo was really wonderful: a perfect  combination of yoga, rituals & nature. The Finca is in the middle of nowhere, a great place to disconnect from the world and connect with yourself.
I loved starting the day with Larisas vinyasa clases in the morning, enjoyed the free time at the pool or discovering nearby waterfalls. The evenings were very mystic with Megan’s special combination between yin yoga and rituals, I could learn so much new about myself and I feel really grateful for the time I could spend there with all this lovely people ♡

Daniela L.,

This retreat felt quite different to other retreats I have done in the past, it was not designed for the big crowd, it has a very personal approach. From the moment I booked the retreat I felt very cared for, Megan and Larisa are kind, thoughtful and attentive. The theme of the retreat I did was 'Release, detox & flow“' Having a theme during the week I could focus on made the whole experience much more meaningful and beneficial.

We had yoga classes twice a day. I was a bit reluctant about the classes at first, since I haven’t practiced yoga in the last 2 years. But Larisa challenged me in a good way to give my best efforts with a lot of smiles and moments of laughter. Megan’s Yin yoga classes were a nice way to slow down and connect with myself at the end of the day. In just one week I saw a lot of progress in my yoga practice.


The whole program is directed towards giving you a very intimate, personal and authentic experience. 

The rest of the program was very diverse. We did a short hike to one of the waterfalls, learned a lot about the culture and had a beautiful Temazcal experience. The lunar ritual was one of my highlights. The astro reading with Megan gave me so many insights, it was comforting and almost healing in a way, understanding myself and my journey in a new way. It deepened my interest and fascination for astrology. The massage was another highlight, Larisa has a unique massage style, combining different massage techniques. Perfect mix between sports and relaxation massage. 

The whole program is directed towards giving you a very intimate, personal and authentic experience and all of that embedded in the lush and green mountains of Oaxaca. We stayed at a beautiful coffee farm with Cole, Adriana and their family, they taught us a lot about coffee and the history of Pluma Hidalgo. I have a whole new appreciation for the work and love they put into making their delicious and flavorful coffee.

The food was out of this world, the most delicious regional recipes reinvented in a vegetarian way that was super nourishing. Adriana is an amazing cook, she really outdid herself with the food. Having the honor to watch her do the cooking and learn from her was a revelation. 

This retreat was the highlight of a beautiful one-month trip in Mexico. I will definitely want to come back.

Meagan J.,

Thank you for this truly transformative experience! Every moment held purpose and I am so fortunate to have these memories until the day I die.  Your hard work and genuine guidance has been noticed. Together you two will add more light and self love into people's souls. This retreat I let go of shame - for my body, my abilities, past mistakes and so on. And I have found my favorite parts about me are my humor and newfound ability to be vulnerable.

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