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Switzerland 2022
Inspiration + Rejuvenation, high in the Swiss Alps
July 3-10


Join us for a relaxing energy-balancing detox yoga and deep mind retreat in the rugged mountains of Western Switzerland, surrounded by some of Europe’s most impressive landscapes.
We will spend time meditating, hiking in the mountains, breathing in the tranquility of mountain lakes and streams, practicing yoga and learning new breathing techniques to support the nervous system.


There will be lunar and cosmic rituals as well as transformative group hypnotherapy sessions.


And lots of laughter! 


Each guest gets at the opportunity to participate in bodywork/massage workshops with Larisa, hypnotherapy and astrology workshops with Megan and nutrition workshops with Julie Bourquin, of A Life Alive Yoga.
You will leave our retreat feeling recharged, relaxed and energized, and more connected to your dreams and in harmony with your being. 

Our retreat is open for all levels of yoga practitioners.


All guests will have the opportunity to book an individual session with Megan, Larisa or Julie at a special discounted rate.  

What is included:

  • Daily meditation 

  • Two yoga classes per day (vinyasa, hatha and yin) 

  • Two meals per day delicious local vegetarian/vegan food (with fresh coffee, housemade tea, filtered natural spring water and fresh juice throughout the day) and access to our own equipped kitchen for additional snack/meal preparation

  • Group hypnotherapy sessions and subconscious/deep mind workshops with Megan

  • Astrology workshops with Megan

  • Energy work and energetic sovereignty coaching from Megan and Larisa

  • Bodywork and massage workshops with Larisa

  • Nutrition coaching/workshop with Julie of A Life Alive Yoga

  • Yoga Nidra

  • Conscious ratio of spaciousness (free time) balanced with activities

  • Hiking

  • 7 nights accommodation in a divine natural setting, overlooking the mountains 

  • Access to private kitchen area, just for our retreat

  • Fireside chats

  • Lunar rituals

  • Ecstatic dance

  • Wifi in common areas (so it's available, but you can certainly tune out)

Let’s just say it will be complete. And transformative.


We are monitoring the situation of Covid-19 as it affects Switzerland and the rest of the world. We are happy to discuss the precautions we plan on taking in order ensure the safety of our guests, our hosts and ourselves. 


The Accommodation


Located in between two mountain streams right at the center of a stunning alpine panorama  in the middle of the beautiful and wild Val d’Arpette, Relais d’Arpette is a location where you will be able to truly get to experience nature and your place within it.

Just a short walk from the depth of the Alps and also the traditional mountain village of Champex-Lac, Relais d’Arpette offers a casual luxury setting for the offerings of both Holistic Soul Project and A Life Alive Yoga.

Located in beautiful Val d’Arpette about a 5 minutes drive from the Village of Champex, Relais

d’Arpette is a meeting place for nature lovers of all ages. Besides accommodation for hikers and nature lovers, Relais d’Arpette offers home-made local and seasonal specialties.


Surrounded by streams, forests and mountains, it is the ideal starting point for many hiking adventures and a great spot to reconnect with nature, relax and unwind.


To arrive:

The nearest Airport is Geneva (GVA) which is about a 2 hours’ drive away from Relais d’Arpette. The nearest main train station is Martigny, direct trains from Geneva Airports will bring you there in one hour and 40 minutes.


Alternatively, you can access Champex-Lac by buses from Orsière (first take a regional train from Martigny to Orsières). Relais d’Arpette is at about 30 min walking distance from Champex Lac (or 5 min by car).


We offer transportation from and to Martigny on the first and last day of the retreat. Please note that we cannot provide transportation if you arrive before or leave after the retreat dates.


The food:

We are pairing with local chefs who serve tremendous, healthy cuisine.


Enjoy our fully vegan meals on every retreat day and delicious  lunch packs on our hiking adventures. Our chefs work with seasonal and natural ingredients, creating healthy and nourishing meals that energize you for your next adventure.


If you have any allergies or intolerances, please let us know.

What's unique about this retreat?

Holistic Soul Project offers a truly complete experience. We offer opportunities for profound transformation (physically, emotionally, mentally and spiritually), while also providing spaciousness for your own processing and time to yourself or to enjoy your retreat companions.

While meditation and yoga are included in the retreat and form a significant part of the daily structure, we feel that the additional offerings of nutrition, astrology, hypnotherapy, bodywork and massage, truly make our Switzerland retreat, and all of our retreats, a truly next-level experience... 

Sample daily schedule:



7-8                        guided meditation 

8-9:30                   yoga 

9:30-10:30           breakfast 

10:30-12:30         spaciousness


12:30-14:00        workshop (massage, astrology, bodywork,

                              energetic adjustment, nutrition, hypnotherapy) 

14:00-15:00.       lunch

15:00-16:30        spaciousness 

16:30-18:00        workshop or group activity



18:00-19:30         sunset yoga 

19:30-20:30.        dinner 

20:30 -22:30        communal fire, stargazing, ecstatic dance

Yoga retreats
Book Switzerland

Limited spots available!
Reserve your space now and don’t miss out. We look forward to  sharing this incredible experience and place with you!



Non-refundable $300 USD deposit. 

Please check our Cancellation Policy

3-10 JULY, 2022



EUR 1000 per person


EUR 1400 per person

EUR 1900 per person


Bathrooms are shared but the house

is privatized for our retreat.

There is an option for camping if you bring your own tent. This will be rustic. Email us to ask about this option. 

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